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The low tuition is made possible by partnership with churches, church networks, and ministry organizations that want to invest in their own leadership development programs. The Antioch School does not need to maintain an expensive campus or other aspects of infrastructure related to traditional campus education.

Costs associated with Antioch School degree programs fall into three categories: Portfolio System, Tuition, and Materials.

Portfolio System

The Portfolio System fee for degree programs is $750 (the SIMA MAP alone is worth more than $2000).


Antioch School tuition is determined on a program basis, not according to semesters, courses, or credit hours (unless you enroll for credit for an individual course). Tuition is $7200 for each Antioch School degree program ($3000 for certificate programs; $3600 for the C.Min. with additional practicum; $150/credit for individual courses). Tuition is charged on a pro-rated basis of $600 due at the start of each 4-month term (based upon date of admission), but students may establish a monthly payment schedule with 0% APR financing on the remaining amount. Tuition for credit for individual courses is to be paid in full in advance.


All Antioch School programs include competencies that are associated with training that uses BILD’s Leadership Series course modules (4 to 17 depending on the program). Bachelors-level programs also include BILD’s Integrated Core General Education course modules (7).

Materials are purchased separately through the BILD Store.

For more information, see the "Portfolio System," "Tuition," and "Course Materials" sections, and Handbook pages 87 to 90.

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