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Course Materials

All Antioch School programs include competencies that are associated with training that uses BILD’s Leadership Series course modules (4 to 17 depending on the program). Bachelors-level programs also include BILD’s Integrated Core General Education course modules (7).

These unique educational resources are supported by course notebooks that contain Socratic discussion guides, project guides and models, personal project guidance, lifelong learning guidance, and sets of theological readings. The pedagogical format of these courses is rooted in the power of asking the right questions in the right environments with the right people using the right resources. The theological readers contain the best articles and chapters from the best books, in order to provide a wide and deep perspective on course topics. The complete set of Leadership Series I and Leadership Series II course materials is the equivalent of the vast of a huge library representing the best work of more than 300 authors. See the Degree Overviews for a list of course materials for each degree program. Each course notebook costs $75.

Materials are purchased through the BILD Store.

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