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The Antioch School is distinctive in many ways, but particularly because of two foundational concepts. It is truly church-based and competency-based.


The contexts and primary social relationships of ministry students are vital to biblical leadership development. Our distance education programs serve students that are “rooted” in contexts of ministry in which other church leaders are already functioning as mentors, even before the students enroll, not unlike BILD was doing with churches, church networks, and ministry organizations before the Antioch School was founded. The Antioch School does not operate extension sites in churches, but provides competency-based degree program options to accompany the efforts of churches and ministry organizations to use BILD resources for the training of its existing and emerging leaders.


There is a growing emphasis on outcomes assessment in higher education. Colleges, universities, and seminaries are being challenged by accrediting associations, government regulatory agencies, and other constituencies to prove that students who graduate deserve the degrees that are granted. Although many higher education institutions are struggling to accomplish this, the competency-based orientation of the leadership development programs makes it possible for the Antioch School to grant degrees with confidence. The Antioch School relies on an extensive, robust portfolio assessment system to provide abundant evidence and academic validation that its students deserve the degrees that are being granted. In terms of being competency-based, the Antioch School is already far ahead of the curve.

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